The Swaygo Motor Company


Swaygo Motor is a South African company established in 2005. The company is situated in Midrand, South Africa. The first petrol driven Swaygo 4-wheeled Tilting Motorcycle was completed and tested successfully during the same year. In 2008, the company decided that the Swaygo vehicle design would also be suited to electric motor drives. The Swaygo Axio was the first 4-wheeled Tilting Electric Vehicle produced by the company and was exhibited at the EICMA 2009 International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy.

In 2012, with further design improvements, the new 4-wheeled  Leaning/Tilting Electric Swaygo 575 EVR-1 Prototype was completed. This vehicle featured a removable 2.8 kW petrol powered Range Extender that was situated under the riders seat. At the same time it became clear that the lithium Ion battery technology was improving rapidly and would soon make electric travel much more viable.


In 2013 the company started development of the exciting new Swaygo ARCA series. The new Swaygo ARCA 4E 4-wheeled Electric Motorcycle was completed in 2017. It featured improved riding dynamics, and a much reduced overall width of only 740 mm/29.5 inches (previously 870 mm). The new safer batteries also provided a longer range. In 2015 the company also started production of the new Swaygo ARCA 3E 3-wheeled vehicle. The first ARCA 3E vehicle was completed in January 2018. 

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