SWAYGO ARCA 3E 3-wheel Electric Motorcycle

The Swaygo ARCA 3E is a new model in our range. Important features include the new Vertical Hold System and the new safe Modular Battery Pack.


ARCA 3E Features

Outstanding Range

Range options include 180 km/112 miles and 110 km/68 miles, you can choose the range that suits you best.

Quick Charging

By combining the optional 1.0 kW Home charger and On-board charger, a Quick Charge time of 3 Hours is achieved.

LCD Display


Speed Options

Maximum speed 120 kph/75 mph, other lower speed options are available for vehicle categories in Europe, USA and Asia.

Modular Battery Pack

The Modular Li-ion Battery Pack System ensures that the power supply cannot fail outright and leave you stranded.

Top Box

Vertical Hold

ARCA 3E Specifications & Options

Dimensions & Weight:

Overall Width: 740 mm

Overall Length: 2180 mm

Overall Height: 1160 mm

Wheelbase: 1650 mm

Track Width Front: 575 mm

Curb Weight 3 Modules: 185 kg

Weight per Battery Module: 14 kg


Front: 2 x 14 inch 110/80

Rear: 1 x 14 inch 120/70


Hydraulic 240 mm Discs Front & Rear


Tilting angle: up to 45 Degrees

Front: 2 x Dual Shock Dampers

Rear: 1 x Dual Shock Dampers



Arctic White/Black

Dark Grey/Black

Optional Items:

Home Charger: 72 Volts, 14 Amps

Top Box 50 liters

On-board charger:

Power Output: 72 Volts, 12 Amps

Battery Range Options:

110 Km=68 mi: 3 Mod. 6.3 kWh

180 Km=112 mi: 5 Mod. 10.5 kWh


Performance Options:

80 Kph=50 mph: 6 kW Hub motor

100 Kph=62 mph: 8 kW Hub motor

120 Kph=75 mph: 12 kW O/S motor


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