The Swaygo Design Concept?

The patented Swaygo system is based on the Tilting Parallelogram principle. When the Rider leans the Swaygo motorcycle into a corner, the floor of the vehicle does not tilt, but remains level with the ground. This allows the rider to physically add pressure to the leaning angle when cornering.

The patented Swaygo system is based on the Tilting Parallelogram principle. When the Rider leans Who can ride a Swaygo?

Riding the Electric Swaygo ARCA 3 or 4 wheel motorcycles is very similar to riding a normal scooter or motorcycle. If you are 16 years or older, with a suitable motorcycle license, you will be able to ride the ARCA vehicles. It takes about 10 minutes to make the transition. Speed options from a maximum of 120 kph/75 mph down to 80 kph/50 mph are available to suit all vehicles categories such as the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) for the USA and L5e or L7e for Europe and others. If you do not have a motorcycle license, you can drive the NEV and L5e vehicle category vehicles with a normal motor car license.

Easy to Maneuver & Park?
The new Electric Swaygo ARCA 3 and 4 wheel motorcycles are very narrow and are only 740 mm/29.5 inches wide. This makes the vehicles easier to maneuver, especially in heavy traffic. The ARCA 3 & 4 wheeler can park in the smallest parking bays that are meant for conventional 2-wheel motorcycles. The standard reverse gear is  easy to use and especially handy when having to reverse up steeper gradients. The Vertical Hold Latch keeps the vehicle locked in the vertical upright position when parking or when driving at slow speeds below 10 kph/6 mph in a confined area.

ARCA Vehicle & Battery Warranty?
When purchasing the new Electric Swaygo ARCA 3 or 4 wheeler you receive a Warranty of Two Years on the Vehicle and the Battery Pack, from date of purchase, subject to Terms and Conditions applicable at the time. In some countries, to reduce installment costs, the Battery Pack may be purchased on a Rental basis. Besides lower monthly installments Battery Rentals provide a certain degree of extended Warranty in regard to battery life and possible failure, but the ownership of the battery pack remains vested with the Rental company.

Vehicle Standards Certification?
The Electric Swaygo ARCA 3E and ARCA 4E motorcycles are made to conform to all International Vehicle Standards Certification. Both vehicles offer Motor Power and Speed Options to meet the legal requirements of almost all Countries and States around the world. These categories include Normal motorcycles and NEV's (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) for the USA, Normal motorcycles and L3e, L5e and L7e categories for Europe and others. Before placing your order, please make sure of your Country's/State's specific Vehicle Standards requirements.

Speed & Motor Power Options?
There are a number of Speed options for the Electric Swaygo ARCA 3 & 4 wheeler. This means that we can provide the correct motor power to match your specific speed requirements and to conform to the Electric Vehicle standards in your country. The vehicle pricing will depend on the Speed Option that you choose. These range from 80 kph/ 50 mph (6.0 kW )up to 120 kph/ 75 mph (12.0 kW) for the ARCA 3E and from 80 kph/50 mph (8.0 kW ) to 120 kph/75 mph (16.0 kW) for the ARCA 4E. For further information, please refer to the Specifications & Options lists under 'Models'


What is the Battery Range?

The Battery Range calculations are based on the average distance that we have achieved with the Swaygo ARCA vehicles when commuting in normal traffic. The specified speed of 50 Kph/30 mph is the average speed. The Battery Range varies according to the Battery Pack Options. The ARCA 3E Standard model has a range of 110 km/68 miles, with an option to extend the range to 180 km/112 miles. The ARCA 4E Standard model has a range of 145 km/90 miles, with an option to extend the range to 215 km/134 miles. A Special option to extend the ARCA 4E range to 280 km/175 miles is also available. For further information, please refer to our Specifications & Options under 'Models'

Battery Charging times?

Battery Charging times are dependent on a three main factors. Firstly, the Size of the Battery Pack, Secondly, the Size of the Charger and Thirdly the Degree of battery Discharge. To give you an idea of charge times, we will use the Swaygo ARCA 4E Vehicle with it's 8.4 kWh Battery Pack. To fully recharge the battery from being technically empty, when using the 72 Volt 12 Amp On-board Charger, will take about 8 hours. When using the 72 Volt 15 Amp Home Charger, it will take about 6.5 hours and when combining the On-Board charger with the Home Charger, the charge time will be about 4 hours. A Car Charging Station will take about 45 minutes.

Swaygo ARCA Roof Option?

A Lightweight and easily removable roof for the Swaygo ARCA vehicles will be available from May 2019.

When will the ARCA Vehicles be available?

The First Swaygo ARCA Electric vehicles will be available from May 2019.


Want to Order an ARCA Vehicle?

1. Please go to the 'Models' section to choose your preferred model. 2. Please examine the Specification & Options Lists and choose your preferred options there. 3. Please go to 'Contact us' and send us your request.

Want to Become a Dealer?

If you would like to become a Dealer, please go to 'Contact us' and send us your company name and current products that you distribute in your country. On receipt, we will send you a questionnaire to complete.

Swaygo ARCA Utility Vehicles?

The Swaygo ARCA 4E & 3E Electric motorcycles will also be available as Utility Vehicles. Applications include Utility Airport, Traffic Police, Police, Medical, Agricultural and Delivery vehicles. Options include a Load Container with a capacity of up to 600 Liters, Seating facing to the rear for Athletic and Cycling road event Observers and Camera crews. A small trailer with a capacity of of up to 400 Liters will also be available.


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